Working Together

As we work together, we will explore the connection between mind and body because what happens in one affects the other,  Over time, we may use movement and perhaps engage in some creative process if that works for you. I work in person centred framework, with a humanistic integrative approach. This means that I consciously draw on different therapeutic models as we work together.  Paying attention to non-verbal and verbal communication, the process may at times include rhythm or movement patterns and shapes.

Our sessions will allow you to move, if you wish, and to go with the flow of what you are feeling and experiencing. In today’s world we are encouraged to be mindful and often this is associated with remaining quiet, I will encourage mindfulness, but not necessarily stillness.   You will be encouraged to notice body issues and to process them.  In this way we can address many concepts including, but not limited to, anger, self esteem and depression.

The connection between mind and body is fundamental to my work – I have a deep understanding of the embodied aspects of psyche and soma. Over time, we link body awareness with emotional awareness and creatively identify ways of adapting and living in the world.