My approach

This is mind body therapy, I work somatically, which means accessing and enhancing the connection between mind and body. It is an aspect that’s often overlooked in talking therapy, however the body holds meaningful insights into our story and helps us to re-frame the way we look at things.

I take inspiration from the body’s innate wisdom and its’ capacity for healing and change. I also greatly value curiosity and mindful awareness which, along with the skill of reflection, play an important part in therapy.

For that reason, I feel it’s also important for me to continually to deepen my own insight and self knowledge.  I bring my lived experience to my practice and I continue to be curious and explore my own inner world and the way it relates to those around me.

Because the connection between mind and body is fundamental to my work, I have a deep understanding of the embodied aspects of psyche and soma, but sessions are not necessarily solemn – there can be fun and laughter. Creativity and playfulness can help to explore difficult themes and bring insight.  Over time, in the therapeutic process, we link body awareness with emotional awareness and creatively identify ways of adapting and living in the world. 

How long will it take?

In my experience, healing and growth are a continuous path. This means that, although there will be many points of progress along the way, the therapeutic journey develops through reflection and awareness. It continues as the individual finds understanding and purpose in their story.

I don’t have a magic wand, or a secret formula that can heal or ‘fix’ things. I really wish I did. The answers you seek are within you, that’s why it’s important to do the work. I will be alongside the whole of you, mind body and spirit, as we unravel them together. Witnessing and reflecting, holding space and supporting the process unconditionally.

What happens in a session?

As we work together in a therapeutic process, we will explore the connection between mind and body.   We may use movement and it may involve talking. We may engage in some creative process, if that works for you. I work in person centred framework, with a humanistic integrative approach. That is to say, I consciously draw on different therapeutic models as we work together.  The process may at times include rhythm or movement patterns and shapes as we pay attention to non-verbal and verbal communication.

Our sessions will allow you to move, if you wish, and to go with the flow of what you are feeling and experiencing. In today’s world we are encouraged to be mindful. Often this is associated with remaining quiet. I will encourage mindfulness, but not necessarily stillness.   In other words, I will encourage you to notice body issues and to process them.  In this way we can address many concepts. These may include anger, self esteem and depression, but there are many more.

Therapeutic Agreement

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